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  • Ken Dryden HOME GAME: Hockey & Life in Canada Hardcover Book

Ken Dryden HOME GAME: Hockey & Life in Canada Hardcover Book


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This is a Ken Dryden HOME GAME: Hockey & Life in Canada Hardcover Book.

A worthy successor to Ken Dryden's classic The Game, Home Game looks at hockey from a multitude of angles to show how the sport is transformed as it moves from its rural roots to the glitz of Hollywood. Hall of Famer Dryden and cowriter Roy MacGregor take on the game in all its guises, from a Praries community centered on the town rink to peewee hockey players and their parents in Toronto, from the dressing rooms of the Oilers and Canadiens to the Canada-Soviet rivalry. One chapter stands as the definitive examination of the Wayne Gretzky trade from Edmonton to Los Angeles, a parable of modern economics. Dryden and MacGregor closely examine the clash between the personal loyalties and business enterprises of the trade's principals; it's a measure of the book's thoughtfulness that the reader comes to understand and empathize with all sides of the issue.

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